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Ladies' Night Media Coverage



(Reverse chronological order of known coverage)


April 2, 2011                The Times, Tim Teeman 

Mar. 31, 2011              The Colbert Report, Comedy Central 

Jan. 14, 2011               New York Times One Man's Losing Fight Against Ladies' Nights 

October 15, 2010         Hungarian Radio 

Sept. 10, 2010             KTRS-AM:  St. Louis, John Brown's Mindset 

Sept. 3, 2010               Fox News Radio, Part 1, Part 2:  Alan Colmes Show 

Sept. 3, 2010               MSNBC:  The Daily Rundown, Savannah Guthrie 

Sept. 3, 2010               KFTK-FM:  St. Louis, Jamie Allman Show 

Sept. 3, 2010               Village Voice:  “Men’s Rights Advocate, Will Not stop Fighting Against Ladies’

Sept. 3, 2010               WNYM-AM:  The Apple, Curtis Sliwa 

Sept. 3, 2010               Agence France-Presse New York 

Sept. 2, 2010               WMYX-FM:  Milwaukee, The Morning Mix, Hot AC—Adult Female Radio  

Sept. 1, 2010               N.Y. Daily News:  “Ladies Nights aren’t sexist to men” 

Sept. 1, 2010               N.Y. Post:  “Ladies’ Night is legal:  fed judges” 

Sept. 1, 2010       “Lawyer wants to take Ladies’ Night case to Supreme Court” 

July 28, 2010               Fox News:  “Minnesota Ladies' Nights Illegal,” Fox and Friends, Gretchen

June 11, 2010              Star Tribune:  Minnesota “Ladies’ Nights not all right, state says” 

June 8, 2010                Minnesota Daily:  “Ladies’ Night deals may violate Minnesota law”  

July 15, 2009               Fox News radio:  Alan Colmes Show, “N.J. Ladies' Nights” 

Sept. 30, 2008             Tom Leykis Radio Show, Los Angeles, District Court Decision 

Sept. 30, 2008             WEHC Radio Va.:  Emory and Henry College, District Court Decision
                                    (Fast forward to 28 minutes) 

Sept. 30, 2008             Daily News:  “Ladies Night OKd by judge” 

Sept. 29, 2008             AP:  “Judge to anti-feminist:  Ladies' night alright” 

April 3, 2008        The Marc Rudov Show Part 1, Part 2 

Jan. 7, 2008                 Chicago  “Persons’ Night at the pub” 

Dec. 14, 2007              AP:  “NYC nightclubs say Ladies Night is not unfair” 

Oct. 16, 2007              N.Y. Post:  “Bid to get lady judge off case” 

August 30, 2007          WRIF Radio Detroit:  Drew and Mike Show 

August 28, 2007         Fox News:  Your World with Neil Cavuto 

August 20, 2007         ABC News Nightline:  Sign of the Times, “Ladies’ Night” 

August 9, 2007           ABC TV News:  Law and Justice Video Podcast, “Ladies’ Night

August 6, 2007           The New Yorker:  The Talk Of The Town, On The Docket, “Hey,

July 26, 2007               Time’s Quotes of the Day:  “I’m tired of having my rights violated and being
                                     treated as a second-class citizen.” Roy Den Hollander                                   

July 26, 2007       “Lawyer in litigation with club because of discrimination against

July 25, 2007               ABC  Law and Justice, “Ladies’ Night Lawsuits on the Rocks?”
                                    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3                                   

July 16, 2007               Bartlett and Hanover WOR Morning Show:  “Ladies’ Night Lawsuit” 

July 13, 2007               Fox News Radio:  The Alan Colmes Show, “Ladies’ Night Lawsuit”

July 13, 2007               WWOR TV News, My 9 News:  “Lawsuit Against Ladies Night” 

July 13, 2007               N.Y. Post:  “Suit vs ladies’ nights” 

July 13, 2007               NY1 News:  “Manhattan Lawyer Sues Clubs For Ladies Night” 

July 12, 2007               National Law Journal:  “N.Y. Lawsuit Calls Ladies’ Nights Discriminatory”

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